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   Prayer for the Diocese of Lubbock  

Heavenly Father, in calling us to follow Christ your Son, you have made us members of this Diocese of Lubbock, which is a local Church.

Teach us to serve you faithfully within its boundaries and to make manifest the universal Church for all who live and work here.

Help both the religious and the laity who form parts of it work together in true Christian unity.

May your Word by faithlyfully proclaimed and heard throughout the Diocese of Lubbock and may your scaraments, especially the Eucharist, be faithfully administered and devoutly received.

Formed in your Word and nurished by the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, may we all serve as effective advocates of and witnesses to teh Gospel of lvoe and repect, peace and justice for all.

Grant that our diocese may provide a fervent example of the power of your Word and the might of your saving scaramental grace,for you greater honor and glory and for our salvation.


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